Welcome to Roger's Travel List...

Füssen, Germany

Welcome to Roger's Travel List, this is a simple list from a trip I made to Europe in 1996.  This list has been used by many to determine what to pack for trips to Europe as well as trips for vacation pretty much anywhere in the world.   Happy travels!

POCKET LIST                 TOILETRIES                     OTHER

Plane Tickets                 Toiletries Bag                   Travel Books
Eurail Tickets                  • Tooth brush                   •
Money/Security Bag         • Tooth paste                   • Lets Go
Passports                       • Shaver                          • Spain/Europe 101
Passport photo copies      • Shaver & Blades             • Eurail Schedule
Wallet                           • Shaving cream                • Hostel book
  • Money                      • Soap                             Matches/ lighter
  • Credit cards               • Towels                          1 clock/alarm
  • Phone cards               • Wash cloth                    1 flash light
  • Travelers checks $      • DEET                            Extra batteries
  • ATM Card                   • Dental floss                   1 Pocket Knife(Check)
  • ID Drivers License        • Deodorant                     2 Sun Glasses
  • INTL Hostel card         • Sewing kit                      1 Deck Playing Cards
  • Student ID card          • Sun block lotion 45          Snacks/food
  • Health Plan card          • Brush/comb                    Water bottle
  • Mileage Plus Card #     • Moose  ;-)                     Zip Lock Baggies
Phone #'s                       • Shampoo                      1 pillow/pillow case
Address Book Lists           • Conditioner                    Day/back pack
                                    • Ear plugs                      Clothes line
                                    • Chap Stick/lip balm         Safety pins       
CLOTHING                    Medicine                         Garbage bags(sm size)
                                    • Advil 800MG, Tylenol      Hair ties   
1 Shoes                         • Aspergum
1 Water flip flops             • Multi Vitamins            MAYBE
1 Hiking boots                 • PeptoBismo               iPod/headphones/charger
1 Teva                           • First Aid Kit              Music CDs/Tapes
9 Pair socks                                                    Rollerblades
1 Hiking socks                CAMERA/ART LIST       plug adaptors 4 Europe
10 Underwear
2 Soccer/sleep shorts     Camera/Digital                TTD
3 Shorts                       Extra Camera Battery
3 Jeans!                       Tri Pod                         Get European addresses
1 Dockers                     Film/SD Memory cards     Get traveler’s checks...
1 Swim Suit                  Sketch Book/ pencils       Roger has to pack
8 T-Shirts                    Journal/Notebook            AmEx travelers 4 foreign$
1 Long Sleeve shirts                                         Mail post cards to friends
1 Sweater                                                      Buy maps
1 Poncho - rain                                               Journal writing
1 Jacket                                                        Champagne
2 Hats

Tower Bridge, London, England

TO TRAVEL REALLY LITE - REMOVE the following from the list above:

Try removing 1 or 2-Jeans, 1-Hat, 1-Teva, 3 or 4 T-Shirts, 2 Underwear, The Camera/Art List, All Books... and anything else that you think you can get along without!  Remember the lighter the better!
Cool coming soon.... more variations on these lists... plus a printable checklist view, original list format cleanup, travel hints/advice and more... 

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